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Vista Compatibility – Avoid UAC

As part of upgrading your source codes to make them work on Vista, it is preferred to remove anything that required administrative privilege. The UAC message (permission request message) reduce the usability of the system and it is a good practice to avoid triggering UAC as much as possible. Also in environment that user is not administrator, your software will crash or stop working if it needs administrative privilege in Vista.

In the process of upgrading some of classic Visual Basic projects, I found a very surprising element which can trigger Vista UAC. Just add word “setup” to following Version Information of your VB6 project and you will get UAC guard on your exe file:

  1. VersionCompanyName
  2. VersionFileDescription
  3. VersionProductName
image File description is equal to “setup“. This Keyword put make Vista to ask for administrative privilege to run StandardProject.exe


I need to mention that the further test with .Net projects shows that this is not an issue with managed codes and projects that are developed based on .Net Framework.

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