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Mac shortcuts

If you use mac you will find the list of keyboard shortcuts quite handy:

Function:   F

Copy a folder or file:Command + C

Paste a folder or file:Command + V

Cut to clipboard:Command + X

Search or Find: Command + F

Force quit an application: Command + Option + Esc

Capture screen: Command + Control + Shift + 3

Find properties: Command + I

Print: Command + P

Quit a program :Command + Q

Save a file: Command + S

Toggle between applications: Command + Tab

Swith to next window: Command + ~

Undo: Command + Z

Select all items: Command + A

Rename a folder: Select item + Enter

New folder:Command + N

Instead of Crl +Alt +Del:

Force Quit an application: Option + Command + Esc

Quit all applications and restart: Control + Command + Eject

Prompt Restart, Sleep, Shutdown box: Control + Eject

Sleep mode: Option + Command + Eject

Start-up/boot commands:

Boot from disc:C

Start in Firewire target disc mode:T

Safe boot:Shift

Choose start-up disc: Option

Seek a different start-up volume: Command + Option + Shift + Delete

Start-up in single-user mode: Command + S

Start-up in Verbose mode: Command + V


For a complete list look at the following article on CNet:

Reference http://www.cnet.com.au/desktops/pcs/0,239029439,339289468,00.htm

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