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SVN conflict on all lines (LF), while edit a file using Windows then Unix (Mac, Ubuntu)

November 1, 2010 Leave a comment

This is a work around for a problem of committing changes to subversion using multiple operating system and the end of the line conflict.

If you collaborate on a text file or a source code file while multiple people editing the file using Windows and Unix (or Mac),

you might face a challenge for committing changes to subversion.

The problem is the conflict on all lines each time a file edited with Unix then Windows, and vise versa.

To resolve this issue use the following terminal comments to edit the property of the text (source code) file.

svn propset "svn:eol-style" "native" file1.txt

Reference: Red Bean File Property


Tutorials to ceate a custom button in WPF / XAML

August 1, 2009 Leave a comment

I found the following articles very good well explained walkthrough for creating a custom button in WPF or Silverlight:

Walkthrough: deplying Office 2007 Add-ins using ClickOnce.

The following article on MSDN is a very good walkthrough for deplying Office 2007 Add-ins using ClickOnce.

Deploying Solutions for the 2007 Office System with ClickOnce Using Visual Studio 2008 Professional:

You can download a PDF copy of the article from following link:
MSDN Article

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Survey for Project Risk Management

Friend of mine who is stiuding in University of Melbourne,  hold a new survery for risk managements inIT projects.  The survey is quite short (not more than 10 minutes to complete) and looking at the risk factors in projects from prespective of IT managers and developer.

You can find the links on

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Full-Text in SQL Express

In order to perform full text search in SQL 2005 or 2008 you need to create a catalog and define the fields to be indexed for full text search. The difficultyis that if you are using SQL Express you will realize that the steps and menus which are explained in is not available for you. So the only way to prepare your database is using SQL Statements. In summary the following steps are needed:

  1. Disable user instances: sp_configure ‘user instances enabled’,0
  2. Make sure your database has full-text search enabled, by checking the “use full-text indexing” in database properties, Going to “Files” and checking the “use full-text indexing” option
  3. Create catalogue: CREATE FULLTEXT CATALOG MyFullTextCatalog
  4. CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX ON Production.ProductReview(Comments)
    KEY INDEX ui_ProductReview ON MyFullTextCatalog

Important: the table should have unique intexed not-null field.

You can find a more comprehensive instruction in

Other articles to read:

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